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Methods' Support: Sales & Account Assistance


Part of any successful client/provider relationship is a continual line of communication between the two entities. At Methods, Inc. we pride ourselves in being one of the few companies left in the technology industry that maintains a philosophy and set of practices that ensures personal, immediate and non-automated support for our clients.

All client requests and questions regarding sales and assistance with Methods, Inc. Client Accounts are handled by direct, person-to-person phone calls, e-mails and regular visits and meetings.

If, at any time, you require help, information or assistance with any of your Methods, Inc. Solutions or with your Methods, Inc. Client Account, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate, one-on-one, personalized support.

Sales & Solutions Assistance

order placement, current order status, customized solutions requests, bids, proposals, installation scheduling, consultation

Contact John Loupe at 225-928-3936 or john@methods.com.

Client Account Assistance

billing, order information, account information updates

Contact Wanda Loupe at 225-928-3936 or wanda@methods.com.