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Methods' Payroll System


Methods' Payroll system delivers more than just a payroll package. It handles the complexities of producing a payroll run in a simple, straight-forward manner.

The actual payroll computations, record keeping, payment and reporting are handled quickly and accurately.

Multiple pay methods for hourly and salary pay may be processed simultaneously.

Reports include:

Retirement, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Unemployment, Monthly/Quarterly Deductions, EEOC, Workmen's Compensation, Equalizations, Quarterly Wages, 941As, and W2s.


Parameter driven system allows you to customize your payroll system without any program modifications.

Payroll by exception - only changes to pay or deductions amounts requires data entry.

Multiple pay frequencies/cycles may be combined into one payroll.

Automatic interface to general ledger.

Employee wages and employer portionsof deductions may be distributed to multiple funds and accounts.

Automatic posting the transfers from each fund to the clearing account.

Online lookup of an employee by number or name.

Complete check history maintained for each employee allows you to print an employee register for the entire year.

Online inquiry of check history is also available.

Accrual payrolls for paying non-twelve monthly employees for twelve months.

Deduction amounts and percentages for both employee and employer are user specified so that rate changes do not require program modifications.

Cafeteria plan deductions may be specified by employee.

Leave balances are maintained for sick, personal and vacation leave. Leave taken may be posted in summary or in detail.

Salary schedules may be implemented by degree/years experience or position and step or both.

User specified certification areas.

Online entry and inquiry of certification by employees.

List of all employees with specific certifications areas.