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MSystem: Methods' Software System Overview

Initially developed in 1978, Methods' governmental software was designed to fill a gap in the field of governmental accounting software. Methods' governmental software is a user-friendly, multi-user Fund Accounting System which continues to evolve with the latest advances in computer technology.

Combining the 13 years of governmental software experience with the latest in computer technology, specifically in the Linux operating system and the PROGRESS 4GL programming language, Methods, Inc. offers the Best Solution in software systems.

Parameter Driven

User definable parameters detemine the individual modules operating characteristics. You customize the system without programming.

Help Screens

Complete on-line documentation is available at the touch of a key. There is no need to search through the manual.


Unlike other software, MSystem does not impose maximum storage limitations. The capacity of your computer determines the number of years you may have on-line at any time.

Printer Selection

Each user is assigned a printer to be used for their normal output. The user may easily re-direct his/her output to another printer, device or file.

Look-Up Option

A browse function is available at the touch of a key to perform look-up functions for valid responses.

Menu Driven

All programs are accessed through a standardized menu system. Programs may be executed by menu number, a list of menu numbers or by function name.


Methods' software has a comprehensive, user-definable, multi-level security protection system. Functions may be secured by user, terminal, user level or any combination of the three.

User Developed Query

Query programs may be written by users with no knowledge of programming.

Interfacing MSystem can interface with other software systems such as word processing, spreadsheets, etc. Custom interfacing is one of the many services we provide.

Data Flexibility

Unlike most governmental software Methods, Inc. can make database changes such as add a new field to a file without any costly or time consuming conversions.