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Methods' Fund Accounting System


Site-based software designed to meet state requirements and effectively manage your governmental business.

Accounts Payable

Methods' Accounts Payable module can stand alone or be integrated with the General Ledger and Purchase Order Systems. The package is fully featured, yet simple to operate and control. Accounts Payable completes a fully computerized financial accounting system.


Maintain vendors online.

Online lookup of vendor by name or vendor number.

Unlimited on line vendor invoice/payment history.

Invoices may be distributed to an unlimited number of funds, accounts and locations.

A new vendor, fund, account or location may be added without interrupting your invoice entry process.

Automatic check for duplicate payment of invoices.

Invoice entry and edit by batch allows more than one person to enter invoices at one time.

Hold invoices past due date if required.

Pay invoices past due date if required.

Pay invoices against purchase orders/encumbrances.

Indicate if an invoice is subject to a 1099 or 1099 vendors.

Inquiry of all paid and/or unpaid invoices for a vendor.

Invoice payment selection by user specified parameters.

Automatic posting to general ledger, accounts payable, and purchase orders.

Automoatic posting of fund transfers for use with clearing accounts.

Voided or canceled checks are easily reversed.


Purchase Orders

The purchase order system is a fully integrated purchasing and encumbrance processing system. The general ledger system is interfaced by creating journal entries needed to update the encumbrance balance. The accounts payable system liquidates the encumbrances when an invoice is paid referencing a purchase order.


Online entry of purchase orders.

Online validation of budget/account balances.

Distribute a purchase order to unlimited funds, accounts and locations.

Print purchase orders by user-id, vendor and/or fund.

Reprint a purchase order at any time.

Manually liquidate purchase orders.

A new vendor, fund, account or location may be added without interrupting your purchase order entry process.

Purchase order reports are printed by vendor or fund.

Purchase order inquiry by vendor.