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Methods' Budgetary Software System - General Ledger

The general ledger is the heart of the Methods, Inc. Financial Series. Designed by experts, it fully exploits the relational database model. On-line documentation including menu help, alpha lookup an explanation of data fields provide the user with a friendly, easy to use general ledger system.

Complete transaction date processing allows posting to any period of the current or next fiscal year. There is no need to close a period before beginning work in the next period. The audited, relational data base eliminates data integrity problems associated with other non-audited data base systems.

Separate Fund Account

The separation of the fund, account and location files allows the same account numbers to be used by all funds and locations.

Open Years / Months

You may go back to a prior month to make adjustments and re-run financial statements. System managers may also go back to a prior year.

Automatic Interface

Entries posted in Accounts Payable and Payroll are automatically entered in the General Ledger System.

On-Line History

You may run prior period reports at any time. Methods, Inc. provides unlimited history records. You are only limited to your computer's storage capacity.

- On-line inquiry of G/L transactions by date range
- On-line inquiry of G/L summary for current year or multiple years

Other Features

Print transactions history by date range - current or previous years.

Print general ledger detail with or without transaction detail.

Print Statement of Revenue and Expenditures showing activity for month to date and year to date with budget comparisons for current or prior fiscal years.

Print Balance Sheet and Trial Balance for current or prior fiscal years.

Distribute interest based on average daily balance by fund for interest accrued with a combined bank account.

Automatic posting to cash accounts for cash receipts and manual checks.

Journal entry edit reports print total debits and credits by fund by month/year to ensure that journal entries balance for each month.

Journal entries must be edited and balanced prior to update of general ledger. An override feature exists.

A new fund, account or location may be added without interrupting your journal entry process.

Budgeting Aids

The budgeting aids are a group of programs to allow you to create and maintain budget projections.


Projection of costs for current year comparison.

Report for preparation of subsequent year budgets.

Online entry/maintenance of proposed budgets.

Budget worksheet showing prior year expenses, current year budget and expenses, proposed budget, adjustments and adopted budget.

Interface to spreadsheet software, both download to spreadsheet and the upload of data from a spreadsheet.

Automatic posting of adopted budget to general ledger.